Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood Flooring Installation and Hardwood Floor Refinishing


G&S Hardwood Flooring in Neenah WI has years of experience installing a variety of floors. Vast experience in both exotic woods and common woods like Red Oak, Maple, and Hickory. Understanding taste and preference, we can help you pick out a variety of different grades woods and widths, guiding you through picking the process and helping with the best options for you.

G&S handles many lines of high-quality pre-finished flooring -

- Installing finished and unfinished flooring
- Installing natural hardwoods
- Installing engineered flooring
- Installing laminate flooring

There are three primary methods of installation:
Nail Down, Glue Down and Floating.

Nail down installation typically involves 3/4" thick hardwood installed over a conventional foundation or plywood shot down over a concrete slab. However, the thickness can vary from 1/2" to 5/8" depending on the product used. Floors that are thinner such as 3/8" thickness can be stapled down. All of our installation of nail down floors includes felt paper [15lb.] which insulates the floor and serves as a moisture retardant. All subfloor installation consists of a moisture barrier when installed over a slab.

Glue down floors are glued directly to a slab and are common in pre-finished hardwood industry. An emerging trend is where raw wood is glued down and re-finished producing the same appearance as a nail down wood floors. This allows for a much better presentation than typical pre-finished floors while keeping the floor thickness as low as 3/8". It should be noted that it is never safe to glue down solid wood directly over concrete. We only use wood that has been engineered to withstand the variations in moisture coming from concrete.

Floating floor installation merely is wood or laminate products that float on a pad. These floors are typically glued together from the sides. However, newer versions are snapped together without the use of adhesives.